Govt. Suhrawardy College, Pirojpur is playing an unparalleled role in the expansion of education. The institution is always sincere in fulfilling the demand of higher education for a large population of Pirojpur district. In educational and academic development it has taken always steps suitable for the age.

The present age is an age information and technology. In last sixty years the whole knowledge of human being are being converted from analog to digital technologies. Realizing the necessity of digital technology Bangladesh Government has declared Digital Bangladesh program to be implemented by 2021, the year of golden jubilee of our independence.

To make this dream true Govt. has organized a program of opening website in every educational institution. Govt. Suhrawardy College is co-operating sincerely the Government. With the opening of website the students, teachers and guardians will have the opportunity of getting information regarding examination, admission etc within a short period with little labour and cost. This technological privilege will not only help the students and teachers but also increase the speed of academic and administrative activities of their institution.

I wish the initiative every success. I hope the effort of organizing web site would help our Government to build Digital Bangladesh by 2021.


Professor Dr Mohammad Golam Kibria

Govt. Suhrawardy College, Pirojpur
Phone No-01816837850